Lancaster-Lebanon County wrestling, PA

Lancaster and Lebanon Counties, PA

League Championship Historical Results and Statistics

Some of South-Central Pennsylvania's greatest wrestlers have come through the Lancaster-Lebanon League.  And the LL League Championships have been the ultimate test to determine the counties' greatest wrestlers.

Since the Tournament's inception in 1996, there have been many shifts in strength in the counties' wrestling programs.  While history continues on, here are some statistics from the tournament from its many years:

4-Time League Champions

Mike Bires
  Manheim Central
1999/112lbs, 2000/119lbs,
2001/125lbs, 2002/130lbs
 Archie McConnell
2002/119lbs, 2003/135lbs,
2004/140lbs, 2005/145lbs
Cortlandt Schuyler
  Manheim Township
2011/___lbs, 2012/___lbs,
2013/___lbs, 2014/138lbs
 Thomas Haines
2011/218lbs, 2012/220lbs,
2013/220lbs, 2014/285lbs

3-Time League Champions

Eric Snaveley
  Manheim Central
  1996/103lbs, 1997/112lbs, 1998/119lbs
 Eric Narkiewicz
 1997/119lbs, 1998/135lbs, 1999/145lbs
 Kyle O'Connell
 1998/130lbs, 1999/130lbs, 2000/130lbs
  Jim Collins
  Northern Lebanon
  1998/103lbs, 2000/112lbs, 2001/112lbs
  Matt Barnett
  2000/125lbs, 2002/140lbs, 2003/140lbs
 Lex Ortiz
 Manheim Central
 2007/103lbs, 2008/103lbs, 2009/112lbs
 Antonio Giorgio
 2008/189lbs, 2009/215lbs, 2010/189lbs
 Austin Miller
 2009/103lbs, 2010/112lbs, 2011/119lbs
 Bobby Rehm
 Penn Manor
  2009/119lbs, 2010/125lbs, 2011/125lbs
 Dan Neff
 2008/119lbs, 2009/125lbs, 2011/140lbs
 Joe Welk
 2010/140lbs, 2011/152lbs, 2012/152lbs
 Connor Moran
 2010/152lbs, 2011/171lbs, 2012/170lbs
 Connor Sheehan
 2012/106lbs, 2013/106lbs, 2014/106lbs

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